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Hampton Jelly-Bell Urethane Aerobic Dumbbells

Hampton’s durable dumbbells are designed with a urethane coating around the entire dumbbell giving it a long lasting quality, compare to other materials. They are perfect for group fitness and available in six weight increments.

Hampton Gel Bar

Gel Bars by Hampton are the new wave in group fitness technology. Not only are they easier on your hands they also aid in hand placement on the bar, making for better a technique when lifting. Long lasting and durable.

Bosu Trainer & TRX Trainer

Bosu Trainers have proven to be one of the top training and stability tools in the fitness industry. Used for a variety of exercises this dynamic piece of equipment is found in most gyms and effective at any level of training.

The TRX training system allows users to use their own body weight for strength training to focus on a wide range of goals including: core strength, balance, flexibility and muscle strength.


Lifestyle Equipment provides a full range of new and used fitness equipment. Locally owned and operated with our headquarters in Delta, we have made it our personal mission to make quality fitness equipment easily available to all of B.C., and beyond. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: commercial clubs, sports & recreation centers, hotels, schools and strata buildings.