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Preventive maintenance should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the longevity, reliability and performance of your investment. When preventive maintenance is performed often it can also aid in avoiding liability through neglect, minimize expensive service calls, identify potential failures before they occur and of course, and most importantly – keep your clients happy.

Preventive Maintenance Quotations are based on your current fitness equipment, your facility location (travel distance & time), frequency of visits (i.e.: monthly, quarterly or bi- annually). Any change to these items may require a corresponding change in the quotation.

  • Inspect and test product safety features / mechanisms
  • Adjust / tighten drive and running belts as required
  • Check for worn cables, belts and pulleys
  • Clean and lubricate chains, bearings and guides
  • Adjust / tighten loose hardware
  • Inspect pull pins and snap locks
  • Inspect all pivoting parts
  • Check belt tension
  • Re-tighten bike seat, pedals & crank arms
  • Inspect all displays / consoles for wear
  • Wax & align treadmill running belt & deck
  • Re-tighten treadmill handrails as required
  • Wipe down equipment & vacuum under motor covers
  • Clean upholstery and check for wear

Maintenance visits require a 7-day advance booking. Upon authorization, repair costs for parts & labour are the responsibility of the customer. If applicable, warranty parts and/or labour will be covered by the manufacturer. Additional visits will be billed at a discounted.


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